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Life can be incredible, wild, and sometimes frightening… but I have learned how to hear the signs that keep me brave.

I remember one bleak day when my anxiety was especially high. I was standing in my accountant’s office and his secretary was talking about umbrella investments. I could not really follow what she was saying. I simply notice the repetition of one word.

“Umbrella, umbrella, umbrella.” Later I noticed that an umbrella shape was reflected among the shadows on a wall. What are the odds of that?! A coincidence? A fluke? My own imagination?

With my intention I spoke to God. “What is the message about the umbrella?” I had no preconceived ideas about the answer. I did not know if I would even receive an answer.

Then a gentle thought whispered through my mind. It seemed to come with a smile. “I just want you to know that you are always under my protection.”

I still remember how the wonder of the moment chased the anxiety away. God could have just told me I was safe. He probably had, many times. But this message, woven so tightly though the synchronistic layers of everyday living, made a far stronger impression. The umbrella became one link in my personal conversation style with God. Now when I see an umbrella, it means something to me. It is a symbol of protection that stays with me… through rain or shine.

Some people might say I read an awful lot into ordinary circumstances, but I don’t buy it. We are an inter-connected world. I think God just wants a way to connect with us too. What happens if we refuse ‘coincidence’ and trust our intuition instead? The ability to talk and hear from God? Why not a two-way conversation?

What if we are only just beginning to understand God’s personal delight in us? What if we really are greater than we know?