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Want to fall in love with who you are? With the world around you? With God himself? Maybe these leaps are still too overwhelming…

“I’d just be happy with a hint about my purpose,” you might say. “All I’m asking for is some help with this depression.”

We can deal with those topics. We will. But to do so, we need to understand that the universe is alive… and that God speaks through it. The world around us is full of signs and messages, each one completely personal and subjective. Silent synchronicity… always there. God loves to speak with us, but sometimes we need to learn how to see his voice.

This takes a little practice and it can be difficult to start if we do not know what we are looking for. So let’s explore a remedy for that. Whenever an idea or theme repeats itself in our minds or surroundings, God is trying to get our attention. We must remember that God’s voice is one of care and kindness. His signs and messages will always resonate, even if they are sometimes hard for our souls to hear. If the ideas that come to us are not loving, they do not come from God and we must let them fall away and wait for love to speak. When we become aware of these simple steps we begin to see God’s voice in action.

Most people think of God’s power and assume that he must talk in a loud booming voice. They pray. They listen. They hear nothing and grow discouraged. But God is a gentleman and his voice is gentle too. That small still voice inside us works in tandem with the vast world we are surrounded by. All the answers we seek are right there once we learn how to see… once we learn how to trust. Then our connection with God grows vibrant and exciting.

This is how we come… alive!